30 Definitions of Why

The last week has been filled with an incredibly amount of stress and frustration.  Of course that then feeds into the anxiety and depression, which increases the stress, and bam! Welcome back to the vicious cycle.

I have many therapy tools to help with the anxiety and depression, and it’s certainly time to put some into use.  Gratitude lists are a tool that I often see used particularly in bullet journals.  Today is the day to begin one: fostering the positives in my life rather than only the negatives.

Why don’t you make one for yourself today as well, dear traveller?  Together let’s find the things worth continuing on for.  Below you’ll find the start of my gratitude list, thirty reasons my life is worth living.

  1. Cloudy and overcast days
  2. Friends who listen to rants
  3. The warmth of an early day sun
  4. The incredible hard work of my staff members
  5. YouTubers
  6. My dogs
  7. Pancakes
  8. A delicious cup of tea in the mornings
  9. My spouse playing video games with me
  10. Volunteers and donations
  11. Wonderful books, new and re-reads
  12. Cute shirts
  13. Amazing therapists
  14. Couples counseling
  15. The Oxford comma
  16. DnD groups
  17. Brand new contacts
  18. When my favoured songs play on the radio
  19. Starbomb
  20. Brushing my teeth
  21. The moment when I realize I’m recovered from a sickness or injury
  22. Unsolicited hugs from my Spawn
  23. Writing the stories hidden within my mind
  24. The sound of pages printing
  25. Peel “pr0n” (This is not adult-rated content! lol)
  26. Puns
  27. Giving my dogs new bones
  28. Wood turning pens
  29. Sewing dragons
  30. The hope that my blog posts will someday help others

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