Yet Another BuJoer

I will admit to it.  I use a bullet journal.  For those who don’t know–and don’t quite want to follow the link to the system creator’s site currently–a bullet journal is a notebook used to swift daily/weekly/monthly planning and note taking.  I also use mine for journaling and my therapy homework.  Which simply proves the versatility of a bullet journal: you can use it any way that works for you.

There are so many videos about the how of a bujo and even different set-up ideas.  I highly recommend Boho Berry‘s series on them.  Of course, there’s also always Pinterest and Instagram for other ideas, too!

So here’s my why of my bujos.  Yes, I’ve upgraded to two, recently!

The first reason is that I have a mind like a sieve.  There have been numerous studies showing that writing things down is incredibly important for information retention.  The action of writing causes something very impressive and scientific that really sets the information in your mind.  I have always been exceedingly absent-minded.  Having a child made that worse.  My family often jokes about Momnesia, though I maintain my Spawn sucked out my brain juices whilst he was in the womb.  (He certainly obliterated my ability to handle caffeine, even now!)

A second reason is that I am visually inclined.  I like to see things written down and, in particular, pretty things.  So I have coloured pens and different sized black pens so I can make interesting designs and patterns to keep me engaged in keeping up with my bullet journals.  There’s also the ability to add in inspiring quotes and interesting thoughts and factoids.

Thirdly, my bujo is used for gentle daily planning.  Because I struggle with anxiety and depression, making a daily log is useful for keeping track of my GRAPES–if you have not read that post, I strongly suggest you do as it is incredibly useful tool to help with overall mental health, whether or not you’ve been diagnosed with anything!  Daily logs also help me to choose realistic goals for the day.  Writing ‘clean the entire house’ does nothing but overwhelm me, yet writing down that one of my long term goals is to get the house cleaned up, I can then break it down into smaller tasks that I can work on one at a time.  Those who are like me in the overwhelmed department will be able to see why such a tool is useful!

The final reason that I bullet journal is to keep a record of the things I’ve done.  My accomplishments are listed within those covers, and my ‘failures’ which show me what does and doesn’t work for me.  Life is a grand experiment, travelers!  And each day is an opportunity to learn more about yourself, who you are and who you want to be.

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