The Excitement Can Never End

A return to something is an unknown.  It’s like pressing through the glass of a mirror that is both you and not you.  You are Schrödinger’s cat, for better or worse.  You are a possibility as you stand on the cusp of possibility.

It’s no wonder to me that we love to lose ourselves in other worlds, just as the familiar trope of going through a glass to another land exists so strongly.  I am fascinated by the idea of going to a new place that is as familiar as it is unfamiliar–though anxiety often prevents me from seeking those opportunities in my real life.  Dare I dream a better world?  Or do I sink into the knowledge that I–in the cyclical nature of depression–will never find the happy endings I see in others?

There are many things I desire through my site, through this blog.  I desire to be heard in a world that loves its own voice.  I desire to help others, lost or not, who seek to reach out to find something both familiar and sane.  I desire to share the strange things that live in my head that, by definition, can only be the recycled remains of other ideas.  I desire to be original where there is no such thing as originality of thought; everything in our minds has been thought by another at some point in history.  I desire to normalize the fears that lurk inside your or others’ minds, fears such as anxiety and depression.  I desire to decrease world suck, as nerdfighteria says.  I desire to be known despite a strong fear of rejection.

I attempt again, therefore, to update this regularly, moving–for now–to a simpler schedule of once a week.  I seek to set the habit and be accountable.  So I hold myself accountable to you, traveller of the unknown, and seek to be a person you can count on.

Step forth into the world, into your possibilities, knowing that nothing is at simple as it seems and that is a large piece of the beauty in the world.

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