Waiting For the Ocean

Religion is a very interesting thing.  It seems that no matter where one is in relation to belief systems or not, the opinions are always quite strong.  A personal understanding of the world, the universe, existence… It is an immensely vital thing.

Each flavour of the world is unique.  Your particular blend is a kiss of your personality, the touch of your experiences, tempered by your mind and reasoning.  Together we make a place of infinite possibilities and comparisons.

As with any blend, it’s possible for any flavour to overpower the others.  The sour, the bitter, the sweet, the soothing.  It takes all of us to make the essence of the world.  Religion could be useful in that so many of them are dedicated to making the world a better place.  And yet, the taste of the world currently seems brittle and harsh.

Perhaps we can begin to reach out more with our own particular brand of uniqueness and begin to spread a new flavour around the world.  And then, dear travellers, perhaps our world, our existences, will bring an age that tastes of peace and joy.

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