The Ironies of Life

Shortly after my last blog post– with the title “Who Wants to Live Forever”– we had to take our cat to the vet.  The details are still too difficult to share.  Suffice it to say that our darling cat is now asleep and shall remain so.

It’s amazing to realize just how deeply she’d become ingrained in lives.  We only adopted her about a year ago.  Yes her absence is keenly felt.

Life is simply full of connections.  Family, friends, acquaintances.  Our pets, wildlife, the plants and, here, the sea.  No moment is defined by another, yet every moment exists because of those that preceded it.

My heart is in pain because of how dearly we loved her.  That pain, though it is painful, is something to be embraced because of the love we shared with her.  I’m glad that I am sad, though I still mourn deeply.  I would hate to not feel this level of sharpness with what the circumstances are.

Emotions are emotions.  They exist because we exist.  Accept them for what they are, and learn from why they are.

Rest, my darling.  My world was better with you in it, and I hope that yours was better for being with us.

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