Who Wants To Live Forever

I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to go out the last few days and write.  It’s been very nice to feel like I have a sort of work schedule.  So I celebrate that feeling today by staying home.  I have a load of towels started so I can touch up the colour on my hair.  I’ve enjoyed a bowl of cereal with banana sliced into it.

My coffee maker has just beeped to announce that the pot is ready.  After this post, I will make half a mug of hot chocolate and then pour my coffee into it with a splash of vanilla syrup.

My laid back plan for the day is to dink at the laundry, dye my hair, play Dragon Age, and maybe look at the novella I’ve been working on.  After my hair, I might even play around with some fun eye shadow!  But that might be a little too girly today.

Have a lovely day, dear travellers.  Breathe in the taste of air, look at the sky and appreciate the vast expanse that hangs over our heads.  It is a big, beautiful world, and we’re all parts of this amazing existence.  Good and bad, each moment is yours.

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