As the Journey Continues, So Shall You

I’ve been having a rough time as of late.  As many creative individuals seem to do, I am often stricken by anxiety and depression.  Some days it seems impossible to get anything done.  Some days it seems stupid to get anything done.

I am incredibly blessed with my family and friends who gently encourage me to keep going and keep trying, even when I desperately don’t want to.  They are the stars in the night sky of my mind.

My therapist has suggested that I find a way to put up reminders of the things that help me when I’m down.  I’ve begun writing on my mirrors and windows little sayings and simple drawings.  These remind me to do some deep breathing, or encourage me to keep going.

Currently, my mirror is a gust of wind reminding me to breathe, and a reminder that every little thing helps because addition is a real thing.  Our back door is the more poetic

Every mountain is made of pebbles.

Giant problems are made up of small puzzles and issues that can be addressed to reduce the size of the mountain of doom.

The need to reach a goal is a series of small decisions and projects that gradually culminate together to become the mountain of achievement.

Each step you take today, no matter how small, is another step along the journey of who you are.

Safe travels, my dear friends.  May your steps ever be sound.

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