Eventually Darkness Falls

Today I have spent a great deal of time and effort thinking about BA people, mainly soldiers of one type or another.  It is absolutely incredible what a single human being can do when in the grasp of great courage, unknowingly or not.

Tale after tale of someone facing down the odds.  So many of them stating that it was no big thing.  It was a job that needed to be done, and so they did it.  They certainly weren’t doing things for the accolades; many, in fact, tried to eschew such things entirely.

Each of our lives are also filled with insurmountable odds and circumstances.  While they may not involve blowing up tanks– if they do, then more power to you– but they are still situations that requires courage and finesse.  Not just any, but yours.  They need your courage.  Your honour.  Your dignity.

You, dear traveller, are a person of infinite worth and possibilities.  Explore them to their fullest, for they belong to you and you alone.

May your trail be bright.

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