The Decision Is Yours

I was sent my first round of edits the other day and completed my changes yesterday.  It wasn’t difficult to do, exactly, but it was mentally trying.  My biggest fear is that through my tweaks I’ve made aspects of the overall story strange.  Fortunately, I have an editor to help with that.

I’ve also been directed to make choices in regards to cover art. This is… Mind boggling.  It is one thing to know that this will occur and that I will have some input into the process, and another entirely to be given a whole slew of options to choose and work from.  It is for this reason, dear adventurer, that this post is coming so late.  I thought the hardest part was done– writing the story.  I expected editing to be a bit harrowing.  I did not realize that the other portions of this process were going to be equally baffling.

Nevertheless, the fear and anxiety I have faced do not undermine the accomplishment I am achieving.

Keep on, my dears.  The road is rough.  The road is filled with potholes and rocks and even lumps of others waiting to trip you up.  But you can make it.  The road does not determine your path.  Your journey is your own.

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