Excuse Me, May I Ask a Question

What is creativity?  What brings pleasure? What defines joy and happiness?  Can they be so deeply understood at all?  It seems as though they are mere drops in the ocean (of emotion); no piece of happiness will ever by the same as the next.  No moment is re-creatable.  Every drop is instantly changed and unique because of those around it.  It can never be now what it was before, and what it is currently can not be achieved in the future.

And if each moment is changing, so is the emotion within it.  So though I am frustrated by losing my progress earlier, this moment does not have to remain one of irritation.  Because I am changing this second, this breath.

They say you cannot know joy without sadness.  I don’t think I agree at all.  The rose is not more beautiful because it has thorns.  However, it is true that your joy may be more poignant after the tears have dried.  Perhaps the beauty of that rose can be repaid with the knowledge that though it has wounded you, you have killed it to claim your prize.

Or perhaps that’s simply my dark side.


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